Junes Not Faking The Words You Wanna Hear - песня junes

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Исполнитель: Junes Not Faking

Название песни: The Words You Wanna Hear

Продолжительность: 04:30

Добавлен: 2015-08-05

Прослушали: 535


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Текст песни:

I try to see things from a different point of view like being next to you. And every time you turn around I’m lookin’ at you up and down. I’ll whisper in your ear, the words you wanna hear. And I wanna make things better the way they were last November, when we were getting back together. Just give me a little help, and show me that there’s something good for me out there. Show me you care.

And maybe this is the part, where I start to fall apart, and maybe you can show me what it’s like to not be lonely. I’ve taken my chances on these two week long romances, but they’re all the same. Let me give you my, give you my name.

I’ll kiss you when the sun goes down, I’ll make your frown turn upside down. I’ll tell you silly lines that make you smile. There’s nothing else for you to fear, we’re starting with a brand new year. I can’t make you stay, cause that’s only if you want to. Only if you want to.

And then the worst part came, and I’m all to blame. I’m so ashamed of myself. But I’ll make things right, I’ll shed some light on this situation. And now I can see why this may be the best thing. There’s no one left for me, please take me. But only ifyou want to. Only if you want to.

Клип Junes Not Faking - The Words You Wanna Hear 6-3-2011
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